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God's Love in Operation  Mission

What People Are Saying

God's Love in Operation is a small service organization with several facets. We  change communities one life at a time through edification and education via books, tutoring, our virtual academies ,and  in-person workshops and events, by letting the light of God's love glow through us, helping individuals to realize their dreams, recognize their potential and embrace their God-given gifts.
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Our Story

GLO Tutoring and Publishing was birthed out of Dr Dowdy's desire to please and obey God and her love for people and heart to serve them and to see them happy. 


Contact Information

Dr. Arlene Dowdy

Gods Love in Operation LLC

Phone: 301-825-6530


Service Areas

New Jersey

  • Burlington County

  • Camden

  • Newark

  • Trenton

  • Union County

  • Willingboro

North Carolina


  • Greensboro
  • Pinehurst
  • Raleigh
  • Southern Pines
  • West End

  • • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    • Washington, D.C ., Virginia, Maryland, 

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