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Dr. Dowdy has been writing, traveling, and journaling her travels through texts and photos since the 1970's, her teenage years. Her writing was enjoyed and even requested by those around her: family, churches, community. 
After becoming a public school teacher in 1985, her students loved her stories. She taught her students to write poetry and stories and to act in her stage plays! They even wrote skits themselves!

Life Changes

In June 2009, she received a Facebook inbox message from a childhood sweetheart with whom she had not been in contact for 31 years! He was looking for the one he fell in love with in 1978. (Click the Love Story button below to watch the video.)

They were married Christmas night of 2012 in an intimate, romantic ceremony. Then, they enjoyed a beautiful wedding with loving family and friends April 6, 2013.

Publishing Begins

After moving to New Jersey and settling down with her new husband in their new home, Dr. Dowdy finally resumed her writing but this time, writing for publication, to make known the words God spoke through her and to her to give to the world. After living in and experiencing other countries, she knew that it was time to impact the world, to make a bigger difference, to reach more people with the love of God.

His Photography Skills

Mr. Clay Dowdy's eye for and training in professional photography has provided a higher level of photography that is now being requested by others, used in the print materials of the business and online. Their territory continues to grow, and the opportunities are limitless!

Communicate and Activate

Becoming a vital part of the community to participate, network and partner with others to  serve the greater need in as many ways as possible is the objective to reaching the goal of impacting the community, the nation, the world.