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Thank you

Posted on August 20, 2016 at 11:40 PM

I want to thank all of you who have voiced your praise of my books and multimedia presentations, either verbally or in writing! God bless you all! Please, leave a comment here if you have been blessed by or enjoyed any of our work.  Thank you in advance!

Type in the code below the comment box first. Then, you will be able to leave your comment in the message box. Thank you!:D

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3:05 PM on July 31, 2019 
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Reply Arlene Dowdy
6:51 PM on September 17, 2016 
This reply was for Sylvia Mormon. Thank you, my friend!

Arlene Dowdy says...
Thank you so much, my friend! Continue to bless others with your rich words of encouragement!
Reply Arlene Dowdy
6:49 PM on September 17, 2016 
Thank you, Evangelist! Continue to give God the highest praise, no matter what!

Louvenia Marshall says...
I have read purpose in your valley by Arlene Dowdy. It's a wonderful book. Arlene is a very sweet person. I have known her a long time. You will enjoy this book.
Reply Arlene Dowdy
6:48 PM on September 17, 2016 
Thank you so much, my friend! Continue to bless others with your rich words of encouragement!
Reply Arlene Dowdy
6:44 PM on September 17, 2016 
Wow! God is truly faithful! Thank you so much, Mrs. Clinton! My God enrich your life and astound you. May He enlarge your territory!

Antoinette Clinton says...
Dr. Arlene Dowdy helped me to have a better understanding as to why, my tribulations. This book is full of awesomeness, and lessons to help you understand. Reason for the Season..... and trust me, I have a testimony, and like Peter I am learning to rejoice in my sufferings. With that being said, I have truly learned to open my outh, and praise my God for all He is doing. This book touched me like you wouldn't believe.
Reply Arlene Dowdy
6:42 PM on September 17, 2016 
Thank you, Pam! You are such an inspiration and encouragement in ways you don't even know. Thank you for posting this comment! May God continue to pour His love on you.

Pamela Thomas says...
First of all I have known Dr. Arlene Kearns Dowdy (Arlene) all her life. Not just her, but also her immediate family. (Beautiful Family). When I found out she had written her first book "Tales of Eastwood: Mysterious Whispers and Forgotten Customs", our home town, I was ecstatic. Even though we grew up in this small community together, each area had a specific name. To see the area I grew up in called "Happy Hollow" written in black & white, I was so, so proud. Thanks for the memories in "Tales of Eastwood" Dr. Arlene Kearns Dowdy (Arlene). I have to get it signed. With much love my friend. Pam
Reply Arlene Dowdy
5:26 PM on September 17, 2016 
Thank you, Elder Chavis! You attended my book signing! What love! May God continue to bless you in all of your endeavors!

Marcus Chavis says...
A very encouraging book to let you know about your purpose in this life.This book helps you to discover his well in your life. My classmate wrote this book and it really encouraged me and I promoted and ask all who are looking for God's promises and his purpose in your life to get a copy of it. Thank you for allowing God to use you in the Manor. God bless you Dr. Dowdy
Reply Arlene Dowdy
5:23 PM on September 17, 2016 
Thank you, Sweetie! I love you!

Sharonda Wilson says...
I love all your books. Very informative as well as passionate. Keep them coming. Love ya
Reply Arlene Dowdy
5:22 PM on September 17, 2016 
Thank you, Pastor Turlyn! May God continue to bless the work of your hands!

turlyn betterson says...
Yes, There is purpose in my valley. God is there through our valley experiences. This book is a blessing to all who would read it. It blessed my life!
Reply Arlene Dowdy
5:21 PM on September 17, 2016 
Evangelist Gillespie, Thank you so much!

Linda Gilllespie says...
Awesome books videos. You are a great writer and composer of videos and slideshows. I love everything you put together. Very creative. Great job on all that I have read and seen.
Reply Arlene Dowdy
5:19 PM on September 17, 2016 
Thank you, LaToya! God bless you! Please, add a link to your book, Prayers from the Heart, here. Thanks!

LaToya Murchison says...
There is Purpose in Your Valley: Understanding Life's Struggles I can't say enough great things about the book. After only reading the first few page it had me in tear because I am dealing with some things. This amazing book truly ministers to your heart and soul. Dr Dowdy breaks down the word of God so that it is easy for every one to understand. All of lessons in There is Purpose in Your Valley: Understanding Life's Struggles are backed up by scripture from God's word. This is not a book that you read in sitting because if you try you will miss the true blessing of its message. I high recommend this book and know I will be reading it again very soon.
Reply Arlene Dowdy
5:16 PM on September 17, 2016 
Thank you so much, Eliza!

Eliza Diggs says...
I purchased There is Purpose in Your Valley awesome book.
Reply Arlene Dowdy
5:15 PM on September 17, 2016 
Thank you so much, Pastor Melvin, for your comments. I appreciate you.

Melvin Jones says...
I bought and examined Purpose in the Valley and found it to have meaningful points that helps one understand God reason for allowing test and trials in our life. The book helps the reader gain clarity on the strength and value in "valley" situation. The real illustration provide further insight and I encourage others to read it.