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Tales of Eastwood


The wealth and strength of family togetherness: working and eating together, talking and listening to each other as we share our stories, laughter and fears are quickly becoming a lost culture of the past as technology and social media increase. Dr. Arlene Kearns Dowdy shares all of these, while she explores the mysterious whispers of the trees and the shadows of tombstones in a community that has been practically hidden for more than a century. She offers a sense of the emotions and courage of the youth, as they confront their fears. She allows us to discover the amazing strength and endurance of the women and children of this community. Come along, as she strolls through the yards and fields to watch children enjoy fun, free playtime. Through this author's passionate writing, we are able to know how the strong fathers interact with their children. These tales bring to life the fun and the laughter of the residents of this enchanting community, Eastwood, North Carolina, past and present.

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