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Check out her video on the main page! This amazing soloist, musician, teacher, and woman of God, shares some of her story to help others who may be trying to find their place in the world. She shares what it's like to lose one's self while trying to please others, and stresses the importance of recognizing your gift and realizing that you are a gift, and you don't need to compete with anyone else. Rise to your full potential, and come up out of depression. Be blessed as you read her story!

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Shirley Murphy Mckellar's extraordinary, miraculous life begins as an ordinary country girl. Then, without warning, Shirley and her mother are on a terrifying, emotional, near-death journey with lupus. Shirley’s mother, Annie Ruth Murphy, made many sacrifices while Shirley was sick: leaving her youngest child who was only about four years old; losing her hospital job to be by Shirley’s bedside day and night; being without food and sleep for long periods of time. Shirley suffered quietly. When the doctors could do no more and gave Shirley only 30 minutes to live, her mother, a praying woman, experienced the divine presence of God. While praying in the hospital chapel, Mother Annie Ruth heard the voice of God encouraging her, “Cheer up. Cheer up. I’ll wipe away all of your tears, and as long as there is breath, there is hope.” This book gives a patient’s and her family’s perspective of living with lupus. Shirley’s hope is that this book will help educate, comfort and give hope to patients and their families.

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Parents, if you ask your children "Why?" or "What's wrong?" and their response is always, "I don't know," this book is for you. For teenagers who can't find the way and just want to keep running away; for teenagers who think hanging out with the "in" crowd is the answer; for anyone who has been molested, abused and misused and try to cover their feelings with drugs, sex, alcohol and one failed relationship after another; for the parents and caregivers who want to make sure their children don't suffer any of this or who want to help them overcome, this book is for you. Angela Roach tells the facts of her life from childhood through adulthood to wake everyone up to what is REAL. What she could not explain as a child or a teenager, she explains now and let's everyone know what must take place for true freedom and deliverance.

In So... You Want to be Grown, Angela Dukes Roach uses her personal experiences to advise the youth of today. The author pleads with young people to stay off the road that she herself traveled, from detention centers, training schools, partying, drugs, trusting so-called friends and more. She tells about her dangers and sorrows, her mistakes and failures, and tries to lead them into a better life.Evangelist Roach tells young people the importance of reaching out to parents and being honest and appreciative of those who love and take care of them. She tells them the "real truth" and the "real deal" of what really is "out there" since they are always so curious to quickly find out. She also reaches out to parents to express their great need to listen and keep an open mind, to watch, to understand and still be firm, and remain aware. This book is loaded with the "real truth!"

Patrice Campbell and Deborah Teel have co-authored this work to minister to the masses about healthy living. In their wise and masterful words, they relate how Pastor Patrice Campbell's knowledge and divine anointing has helped thousands of people on their paths to fitness and healthy living. Through one powerful act and movement after another, by listening to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Reverend Teel and Pastor Patrice have led many to the family of Fit For Life Ministries Healthy Living Mentoring and Encouragement. Included in this book are some of the testimonies that tell how this ministry has blessed them to: lose weight without dieting but changing their lifestyle; eliminate medicine for diabetes; eliminate medicine for hypertension; regain the use of limbs and organs, and many other breakthroughs and miracles just by following what God gave to Pastor Patrice as "Godlines" to follow. Read, apply and experience a life change!