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Shirley Murphy Mckellar's extraordinary, miraculous life begins as an ordinary country girl. Then, without warning, Shirley and her mother are on a terrifying, emotional, near-death journey with lupus. Shirley’s mother, Annie Ruth Murphy, made many sacrifices while Shirley was sick: leaving her youngest child who was only about four years old; losing her hospital job to be by Shirley’s bedside day and night; being without food and sleep for long periods of time. Shirley suffered quietly. When the doctors could do no more and gave Shirley only 30 minutes to live, her mother, a praying woman, experienced the divine presence of God. While praying in the hospital chapel, Mother Annie Ruth heard the voice of God encouraging her, “Cheer up. Cheer up. I’ll wipe away all of your tears, and as long as there is breath, there is hope.” This book gives a patient’s and her family’s perspective of living with lupus. Shirley’s hope is that this book will help educate, comfort and give hope to patients and their families.

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