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Our  nonprofit  branches, GLO Academy of Discipleship and GLO Cares are blessed with volunteers  who just want to please God by sharing His love with others.

We  build  community and create memories through the various programs we offer. 

Mr. & Mrs. Clay Dowdy, fell in love as a tween and a teen, but because they were from different backgrounds and lived on opposite sides of the country, that love was tested by distance and silence. However, Mr. Clay searched and found Dr. Arlene after more than 30 years. They were married, and in their 9th year of marriage the boundaries of their love were tested again  when Dr. Arlene suffered a sudden stroke. In the strength of their love, Dr. Arlene's recovery has been nothing but a miracle orchestrated by God Himself, just like the rest of their lives. These two work together, showing people what it means to fight against the odds. Our prayer is that some part of our website reaches you and adds value to your life in some way, and that each of you will reach another in love. 

They are very active in the community with their church and especially with Don Evans Players and other performance and cultural activities. You can find Dr. Arlene on stage acting, speaking and dancing, with and without community children, while Mr. Clay is not far away with camera in hand.

Loving God, Loving People

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Gods Love in Operation LLC was established in 2015. Through the leadership of Dr. Arlene Dowdy, we continue to be passionate about caring for and serving people in and around our communities. We build our community and create memories through the various programs we offer. 

Meet Dr. Arlene Dowdy

Dr. Arlene grew up in a large family  in rural North Carolina in a community called Eastwood. She was the 8th born of 10, loves the outdoors and reading. She has always excelled in academics, winning Spelling Bee Competitions and many awards and honors. In high school, she was selected to attend North Carolina's Governor School and is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill. Yep! She's a Tarheel!  She also graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Master's Degree in Education Supervision and Administration. She earned a Doctor of Missions and Evangelism (D.M.E.) from Christian Leadership University  and was ordained an Elder  by the United Church of God, Incorporated around 1987.Her greatest pleasure and sense of accomplishment is when she leads someone to salvation through Jesus Christ."I have a charge to keep and a God to glorify."

Our Mission

Isaiah 61:1 "To preach good tidings unto the meek, to help heal the brokenhearted; to let the captives know they have been freed; to help feed and clothe the poor and to educate them until they are no longer the poor; to help eliminate hunger and homelessness. God's Love in Operation is changing communities, one life at a time, through edification and education via books, tutoring, our virtual academies, and in-person workshops and events, by letting the light of God's love glow through us. 

Shelter & Homeless Distributions, GLO Tutoring, GLO Publishing, GLO Academy of Discipleship, GLO CARES

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